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Searching for a DJ for Your Special Event?

Check Dale Caffrey Entertainment Resources' availability & instant quote!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you expect from DCER DJ's?
To at all times conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to your event and to fulfill all conditions in the contract.

What do DCER DJ's expect from you?
To be given as much relevant information as possible to help make your event a success. You should also include from whom the DJ takes directions. You will be surprised and irritated at how many people, at your event, that you are paying for, think that they can order the DJ what to play and when to play it (these are not simple requests).

Will the music be loud?
Generally, any disco will be loud - however, if at any point during the event, you feel that it is too loud or guests have complained, we won't be offended if you ask us to turn it down, nor will we turn it back up again five minutes after you ask!

Will the DJ stay longer than the contracted time if asked?
Yes! Providing the Customer agrees to pay the hourly rate for that additional time to the DJ before he or she leaves the event. Additional time is billed in half hour increments and is rounded up to the nearest half hour. Rates are available via the Quote Generator.

Example: If the DJ was asked to stay for an additional 1 hour and 15 minutes, the Customer would be expected to pay the DJ for an additional 1 hour and 30 minutes, before the DJ leaves.

How soon should we book?
You should book as early as possible. Many of our clients book 8 to 12 months in advance.
A date will only be confirmed once we receive your completed booking form and deposit.

Once a booking is confirmed, a legally binding contract is drawn up. It sounds complicated, but simply, it is an agreement for a DJ and equipment to turn up on the day and at the times specified and provide entertainment, and in return the booker/client agrees to provide a venue, safe electrical supply and function for the DJ to perform at, and pay an agreed fee for this service. It acts as security for you, and security for us.

Are you available for my function or party?
Simply enter your preferred date into the Availability Checker below for an instant answer.

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Searching for a DJ for Your Special Event?

Check Dale Caffrey Entertainment Resources' availability & instant quote!