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Searching for a DJ for Your Special Event?

Check Dale Caffrey Entertainment Resources' availability & instant quote!

You probably hear and read a lot about "You Get What You Pay For"
I agree 100% with that statement but has anybody told you the real reason why?

Here goes:


It's that simple. What percentage of the general population are you able to count on to do things right?

Getting what you pay for - means choosing which attributes you want your DJ to have:


Usually on a scale of 1 to 5, of these attributes needed to be a DJ, the more you choose the higher the cost. But also the more you can count on your DJ.

In todays world, it's easy to find family, friends, neighbours and colleagues with iPods willing to play their music through a boombox or house system at your event ... cheap!
But that alone is not enough to call them DJ's and that's not why you pay for a DJ.

Expertly chosen music adds flavour beyond the best food and wine, surpassing the most fragrant blossoms. Guests tend to remember the entertainment you provide above most other things - be it good or bad.

A professional DJ provides the positive catalyst for your party, skillfully selected and played music will add that all important "feel good" element that helps everyone interact, rekindle relationships faded by time away and form new friendships.

Music is relaxing, exciting, romantic, and inspirational. Dancing keeps everyone at your event longer and contributes greatly to your guests enjoyment.

Your choice of a good entertainer is your insurance policy against bad memories of a disappointing occasion.

Unfortunately, the DJ is often the last service chosen, after much of the budget is spent on the venue, food, beverage decor and even clothing. This backwards planning often forces Party Planners/organisers to shop for the cheapest possible price. Many people will pay far more for a cake, flowers, or even a veggie platter than they will for the most crucial ingredient of a party - the music.

The entertainer that you select will be taking on the responsibility of over 80% of the success of your party and often gets paid less than 3% of the total budget, (based on a HK$300,000.00 Wedding, 3% would equal HK$9,000.00), yet if that DJ is a poor performer, or even worse a no-show, you just wasted your entire investment, not just 3%.

You pay a DJ for one basic reason:

You Depend On Them To Show Up and do a good job.

That includes being on time, properly attired, conducting themselves in a manner appropriate to your event, having the music YOU want and blending songs together with no pauses, if necessary provide a wireless microphone and be good at public speaking - making announcements or motivating a crowd, have good sounding equipment, have lights for dancing if needed, to sometimes depend on them to read the crowd and create a good atmosphere and be responsible enough to sign a contract so that YOU are protected.

But wait - that was the main reason but not the only reason. There's more!

DJ's are not getting hired for those moments in someone's life that don't matter, but for the special moments that DO matter and accompanied by memories that will last a lifetime. From birthday parties to elegant weddings, a DJ can enhance or ruin a lifetime moment and memory ...... That's pressure.

Very few people are capable of handling that pressure whilst being responsible for the mood of a group of people, dealing with conflicting orders during an event, being dependable and pleasant to deal with whilst adapting to changes or things that might go wrong at an event and actually supplying what they claim they can supply!

... I think you get the idea by now, that's why "You Get What You Pay For".

We realise it is a privilege to be included in your event and take personal pride in helping to enhance that moment. We automatically do what is possible to make sure your are somewhere between very satisfied and absolutely thrilled with the job we do for you.

You'll never be sorry if you invest in quality.

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Searching for a DJ for Your Special Event?

Check Dale Caffrey Entertainment Resources' availability & instant quote!